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At Reminiscence, we supply our clients with proven methods of successful crypto community-building platforms by using successful formulas, tailor-made for your brand. It is our way to introduce your blockchain product into our blockchain world.

We represent your brand in the crypto world.

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We are a company that specializes in the Vietnamese crypto market, with 4 years of experience we’ve been the market leaders when it comes to Defi, NFT’s, Gaming, and Blockchain products.

At Reminiscense we believe that our clients deserve the best service and contemporary engagement strategies, to guide them to reach their goals. Regardless of the size or product, we are always ready to create a stable and scalable community for your brand by using our extensive range of connections and relations around the globe. We are here to bring you reassurance, reliability, and long-term support.

Event Marketing

In a congested world, event marketing programs and experiential marketing activations are amazing ways to cut through the clutter. Together we can create a buzz, garner new influencers, and share your brand promise through genuine interactions.

Media Planning

Creating a plan for media buying is as important as your product and service. It is the foundation on which you will attract new customers and inform them about what you do and why it matters. Our team studies media-buying trends in traditional and digital media to bring you the latest options at sub-market rates.

Social media

From social media marketing posts, to endorsements from online celebrities and influencers, our team handles social media campaigns across a range of industries and verticals. We take care of all the details, including account management, content creation, and reporting.



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